Curriculum For Advanced Training

OMM and ARA – Advanced Riding Academy

Advanced Riding Academy, created in 2001 by OMM, is an educational group for the development of a post-license riding educational system of international standards.

ARA takes as points of reference international systems of worldwide recognition:

  • ADAC (Germany) Training System. The ADAC MC manual has been translated into Turkish.
  • RoadCraft. The “System” developed for the British Metropolitan Police at the Peel Training Centre (UK) known as ‘The Police System of Motor Vehicle Control’ and described in the ‘RoadCraft’ book. OMM has published in 2003 the Turkish version of “Motorcycle Roadcraft”.
  • Advanced Riding Test governed by the “Institute of Advanced Motorists” (UK). OMM translated “How to Be a Better Rider” book. OMM is affiliated to IAM and the group is bounded to operate within the standards and rules of IAM conducting all the educational activity without any objective of profit or gain.
  • CAT (Certified Advanced Training) workshop designed to educate and qualify IAM Observers.

ARA Training Curriculum

OMM – ARA Training System offers tools of knowledge for bikers in Turkey who possess a valid Riding License and are committed to reach a good level of competence on the road.

ARA program for competent riding guides delegates along a well-defined curriculum where every phase is essential for a progress toward the IAM membership. OMM relies on experienced National Observers and Examiners to conduct the final observation and to deliver IAM membership.

From ARA Theory to ARA Control the riders acquire the basic elements of the RoadCraft System and the skills for slow-speed and emergency maneuvers. Once these two steps are taken and competency is demonstrated, the ARA RoadCraft rides help the riders to get familiar with the application of the System in normal traffic condition. When this familiarity is obtained and proven the riders can enter one of the ARA Road workshops where an evaluation of twenty aspects of advanced riding competence is issued by IAM qualified Observers. When the maximum level of competence (20 point/Gold) is achieved, the riders can apply for the IAM Test for full membership qualification.

1) OMM – ARA Theory

ARA Theory is a course dedicated to the understanding of principles regulating competent riding. Based on the RoadCraft System this non-riding event offers an introduction to the subject and it fixes key principles from the System. OMM – ARA Theory is an essential introduction to all level of MC training.

Duration: We offer sessions ranging from three hours to one full day with contents varying from introduction to deeper tuition. OMM can organize ARA Theory in any location in Turkey with any MC group.

Qualification: Open to riders, passengers and non-riders.

Presenters: IAM Observers, IAM Advisors

Contents:  Mental attitude for good Riding, SIPDE-Vision-Traction, Cornering-Braking-Overtaking, Riding in Urban Environment.



ARA Control is the workshop (on safe areas with no road-riding) dedicated to motorcycle control and emergency maneuvers. It is supervised by Control Trainers with high standards of safety and it is adapted to the level of competence of the students.

Duration: Eight hours.

Qualification: Valid Riding License. Bike in good condition, Personal and Bike insurance. (Attendance of OMM – ARA Theory is recommended).

Observers: ARA Control qualified trainers, Observers

Contents: Motorcycle daily and weekly control, Stabilization of the vehicle at low speed, Steering and Swerving, Cornering, Braking and Emergency Braking, Riding Gears and First Aid principles.

Certification: ARA Certificate of participation.


ARA RoadCraft is a ride in company of IAM Advisors/Observers who freely share experience and knowledge. These rides are a friendly opportunity to learn and apply the RoadCraft system in respect of the Turkish Traffic Laws.

Duration: Four hours ride (200 Km max.) in small groups during Saturday or Sunday.

Qualification: ARA Control workshop completed. Valid Riding License. Bike in good condition, Personal and Bike insurance. (Attendance of OMM – ARA Theory is recommended).

Advisors: IAM Observers and IAM Advisors.

Contents: Practical application of the RoadCraft System discussed after periods of half an hour of group riding. Every participant gets the opportunity of individual observation.

Certification: Participation registered in ARA database.


ARA Road is a Rally dedicated to the System of gathering information, select and analyze them, predict and properly and safely react to all traffic conditions. The Rallies are conducted along itineraries selected by OMM riders on distances not exceeding 300Km per day.

Duration: One or Two days of Observed rides.

Qualification: Participation to ARA Control and to RoadCraft Ride. Riders qualified “49 points/Bronze” or above in OMM-ARA Road workshops.

Advisors: IAM Observers

Contents: Primary and secondary safety, The System, Taking-Using-Giving information, Planning, Position for vision and safety, Corners evaluation and position, Speed management, Gear control, Acceleration out of hazard, Steering, Overtaking, Braking.

Certification: Using the Riding Assessment Report Sheet each Rider receives grading ranging from 20 points maximum to 80 point minimum. The grade is reported on the ARA Certificate.


IAM Advanced Riding Test is conducted under the supervision of an IAM Examiner. Study of the “RoadCraft” and IAM books is essential for this test.

Duration: One Hour

Qualification: “Gold” (20-24) point qualification on the ARA Certificate.

Instructors: IAM Examiner

Certification: IAM full membership and IAM Rider status reported in the ARA database.


OMM – ARA First Aid Workshop. In cooperation with leading medical institutions OMM designed and is conducting the only First Aid Workshop dedicated to road users. The workshop is mandatory for the OMM Association members and highly recommended for all riders entering the advanced curriculum.

Duration: Two days of theory and practice

Instructors: Doctors and paramedics

Certification: Certificate of Participation.


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