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25.09.2016 OMM Bulletin

Natural is often unnatural

Riders who talk of “freedom, independence, adventure and wind on the hairs” often snob any conversation about training invoking the natural talent that, according to them, is in some of them (not in all of us).

They call themselves “natural talents” and invite fellow riders to get rid of any educational effort and process. “On the bike, down the gear, turn the throttle and roar in the wind” …and that all it takes to be on the road to good and competent riding.

Geoffrey Colvin, senior editor-at-large of Fortune Magazine, ten years ago wrote an article on “What it takes to be great” and I often go back to these words of wisdom.

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23.07.2016 OMM Bulletin

What Makes a Good Rider?

What makes one of us saying “hey, this is a good rider”? We all divide riders between “GOOD”, “BAD” and “WITH

POTENTIAL”: unfortunately, there are no sure criteria to substantiate these categorizations.

Or maybe not, maybe we can find some common ground or at list enough ground to create a good definition.

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16.01.2016 OMM Bulletin

View from the Cockpit – Paolo Volpara

I recently had an interesting exchange of documents on the concept of “Good Rider” basically trying to answer to the question “How can one define a good rider?”

The exchange let me thinking… and riding with this idea in mind.

I asked around, to riders that I respect and, as you can imagine, I got different and sometime discordant definitions.

What makes you saying “hey, this is a good rider”?

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27.08.2016 OMM Bulletin

Knowledge is dangerous, it stops the fun

“Becoming a good rider may take away part of the pure riding pleasure… it may turn dangerous, yes, but wasn’t ignorance a bliss?”

With information, knowledge and communication surrounding all of us from all sides one could be tempted to think that the real age of enlightenment has finally arrived.

Unfortunately the electronic overloading creates a strong rejection and some of the readers’ riders start thinking back to the old good time when we were biking free legally with hairs on the wind.

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22.03.2016 OMM Bulletin

View from the Cockpit – Paolo Volpara

The relative small number of women practicing motorcycling in Turkey does not surprise me. Although statistics are not available to me, I would not be surprised of a percentage below 2. (In USA women represent only 12% of motorcyclists). And every time I sit in a group of bikers I understand why.

Since I met my mother, I always believed that women have more intelligence, sensibility and positive common sense than men and, as such, women find the conversation of bikers quite boring and definitely not appealing.

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